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Here Comes the Open 2018

If you just started CrossFit within the last year then you may be asking yourself, “What’s The Open?” If you’ve been a member of CrossFit Petroglyph for some time now, you know that the CrossFit Open is one of the most special five weeks at the gym. It’s a time when athletes come together to workout, refocus on your fitness goals, cheer each other on, test their limits, and create new goals for the following year. No matter your fitness level, there is a lot to be gained from participating in The Open.

Below, we’ll outline The Open for those who aren’t year familiar with it.

Start here first:

As Rory said in the video, a workout is released every Thursday for 5 weeks beginning February 22nd. Athletes have between Thursday evening until the following Monday to submit their scores online through the CrossFit Games site (we’ll have more details on score submission as things get closer, but suffice to know that it’s very straight-forward and your Coaches will always help). The announcement of each workout is done at an affiliate and back in 2013 our friends at CrossFit Roots hosted one. Check it out:

A couple of years back we started the Friday Night Lights Series to bring the Petroglyph community together for The Open workout each week. Every Friday night for the five weeks we host a large event complete with fun, food trucks (well for at least a few of them) and, most importantly, the workout! We also program The Open workout for all group classes for each Friday, so whether you make it to the event or not, you’re going to do the workout – what a great reason to sign-up!

After the 5 weeks is up, you’ll be ranked among the hundreds of thousands of other athletes who competed globally. You’ll have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses moving forward and in the process, you’ll probably have tried some things you would never have done otherwise.

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