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The Open Intramural at CrossFit Petroglyph

What is the open?

Individuals around the world are preparing for a celebration of community and a test of fitness. It’s an opportunity to set goals, make a commitment and suffer through the process of progress in the company of many friends. From Fittest on Earth to first-timer, we all start together. You will be a part of the five-week, five-workout, online competition that unites CrossFit athletes all over the globe in the first stage of the season. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness, or to reach Regionals, and fight for a chance to make it to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. The Open is the most egalitarian sporting event in human history. In 2017, over 300,000 athletes registered. In just five weeks, that field is narrowed down to the few hundred fittest athletes on the planet.


The CrossFit Petroglyph Intramural Open, however, is designed to ensure that the Open is not just a test of our fitness, but–more importantly–a tool by which we grow as a community. For 99.9% of the athletes that participate in the Open, our official CrossFit Games season ends after those 5 weeks in February and March. After those 5 weeks, everyone who participated should enter the off-season excited about their accomplishments, the friends they made, and confident in knowing what they must do to improve their fitness and, therefore, their health, over the coming year. Whether you started CrossFit 10 days ago or 10 years ago, the Open and the Intramural Open here at CrossFit Petroglyph has something to offer you. Regardless of your experience, you have something to contribute to the community around you in so many ways. It is an exhausting and exciting five weeks, and I hope you will consider joining us if you haven’t already. To help even out the points and the fun we will be including a bonus workout during the open that you can earn points for your team. The winning team will earn ultimate bragging rights and something shiny!!


Participation Points- 2 points awarded weekly

Each member of a team will earn their team 2 points for having completed the open workouts. You can only be awarded this once per week across the 5 weeks and a bonus workout. So if you choose to do the workout more than once you are only given 2 point.

Top Finishers- 1 point awarded weekly

The top 3 finishers for men and women in each division that have signed up with crossfitgames.com will earn an additional point for their team.

Spirit Points- 3 points awarded weekly

The team that displays the most spirit during Friday Night Lights will win this award. The Spirit points will be decided by Tory every week. The team with the most noise, pride, and presence each week will receive these points. Wear your team shirts, or a costume during Friday Night Lights and really represent your team pride.

Social Media Points- 1 point awarded weekly

Applaud the efforts of your team and others and earn points along the way. Use the hashtag #cfpetroopen Let’s show the world why you are #carvedinstone strong!

Judging Points- 5 points awarded once

Whichever team has the most judges by Friday, Feb. 23rd that have past the judges test online will receive an additional 5 points.

Spirit of the Open- 10 points awarded once

After Week 3 of the Open, the captains of each team will submit the name of one member of their team for consideration to win the “Spirit of the Open” award. All participating athletes, between Weeks 3 and 4, will vote on who most embodies the Spirit of the Open and, has earned the award. Teams will not be permitted to vote for the member of their own team. The Spirit of the Open award has nothing to do with increased work capacity and fitness. It is earned with a great attitude, hard work, and a caring for others that goes well beyond average kindness and courtesy.


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