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Coach Scott Lager joined CrossFit in 2018 when his daughter signed him up for a CrossFit Boot Camp.  After that first session, he was hooked!  He loves that CrossFit is a great combination of Fitness, Health, Mental Stamina and Community. 

Scott is passionate about connecting with people and helping them achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Our CrossFit Petroglyph Community is incredibly supportive, fun, accepting and truly is like a family.  We welcome anyone and everyone to come check us out. CrossFit is for Everybody!

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Coach Brian Pankratz served 23 years in the Air Force and was a regular gym goer, but just doing the regular weightlifting for that many years was getting boring and lacked a real challenge. After deciding to try CrossFit and finding Crossfit Petroglyph he realized that he had found what he was looking for, a mental and physical challenge that pushed him to his limits. 


“Crossfit has taken me to a physical and mental fitness level that I didn’t know I could get to. I may not be strongest or fastest at the box, but I am personally in the best shape I’ve been in and at 47 and two back surgeries later, that says a lot. After I saw the results Crossfit had on me I knew I wanted to coach to help others improve their physical fitness. It has been an amazing experience coaching others and seeing them succeed in their fitness goals.”

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Coach Phil Brown started his CrossFit journey in 2016 when he grew tired of the same old repetitive exercises at any of the local globo-gyms. "I found it easy to avoid any exercises or cardio I didn't like (pretty much all of it) and therefore I was stuck in a rut."  Enter CrossFit and its constantly varied movements and one class was all it took for Phil to be hooked. 

Now as a coach, Phil enjoys seeing the smiles and the motivation the members create within each other when they do something they didn't think they could do.  "Our Petroglyph Community is what sets us apart from any other gym and coaching here is a privilege."

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Coach Teresa Brown loves to lift heavy weights and see “the face of success” when her athletes achieve something new. Teresa grew up as a dancer and has now added a 365 deadlift to her moves.


“I joined a few classes and really loved the environment. I love the support that other members give each other. After about 6 months I could tell I was hooked. It has quickly become something I am passionate about and what better way to celebrate that than by coaching others!?!” Teresa says.

CrossFit Level 1

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Coach Jacob  Perez, New Mexico native, started CrossFit in mid-2018.  From what started as a simple challenge from a friend to complete the 2018 CrossFit Open, turned into a passion for the sport and overall community that CrossFit brings.  Jacob not only focuses on competing but also shares a love for spending time with Petroglyph's members and helping them strive to meet their specific goals. Jacob encourages any and all individuals to take a leap like he did, and give it a try.

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Coach Rick is an Ohio Native, he served 30 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in 2013.   After retirement  he became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  In 2015, he attended a 2 week on-board class at CrossFit Petroglyph and was hooked on the challenging WOD's and, more importantly, the outstanding community.   Rick became a coach in 2016.  He enjoys witnessing Athlete's achieve and exceed their goals.  

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Level 1, CF Kids, CF Strongman, CF Weightlifting, CF Flexibility, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, Licensed Massage Therpist.




James served in the United States Marine Corps and searched for years to find an exercise regimen that worked for him.  But, after attending a two-week CrossFit intro class, he was hooked.  He found that CrossFit motivated him and tested him in new ways.  CrossFit is challenging mentally and physically; at the same, it's incredibly fun and extremely addictive.

It's the CrossFit community and friendships that James Loves the most.  As a coach, he values working with people who want to better themselves and is always inspired by people he works with.  He enjoys seeing the changes in people's health, wellness and fitness.

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Coach Vaulta joined CrossFit in 2019. She needed something different and after seeing such positive results from CrossFit in her friends and family she decided to give it a shot. A regular gym class routine turned into a passion for her. She made CrossFit Petroglyph her home gym because you cannot find a better group of people to build you up and motivate you through hard workouts. She became a coach because she enjoys helping others on their fitness journeys and watching them develop into healthy, fast, and strong athletes. She will strive to help you make goals, crush them and repeat. 

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