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Meet our coaches

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Coach Scott Lager joined CrossFit in 2018 when his daughter signed him up for a CrossFit Boot Camp.  After that first session, he was hooked!  He loves that CrossFit is a great combination of Fitness, Health, Mental Stamina and Community. 

Scott is passionate about connecting with people and helping them achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Our CrossFit Petroglyph Community is incredibly supportive, fun, accepting and truly is like a family.  We welcome anyone and everyone to come check us out. CrossFit is for Everybody!

Crossfit Level 2, Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1

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Owner/Coach/Licensed Massage Therapist

Coach Rick is an Ohio Native, he served 30 years in the United States Air Force, retiring in 2013.   After retirement  he became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  In 2015, he attended a 2 week on-board class at CrossFit Petroglyph and was hooked on the challenging WOD's and, more importantly, the outstanding community.   Rick became a coach in 2016.  He enjoys witnessing Athlete's achieve and exceed their goals.  

CrossFit Level 2, , CF Kids, CF Strongman, CF Weightlifting, CF Flexibility, USA Weightlifting Level 1,

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, and Licensed Massage Therapist.

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Coach Jacob  Perez, New Mexico native, started CrossFit in mid-2018.  From what started as a simple challenge from a friend to complete the 2018 CrossFit Open, turned into a passion for the sport and overall community that CrossFit brings.  Jacob not only focuses on competing but also shares a love for spending time with Petroglyph's members and helping them strive to meet their specific goals. Jacob encourages any and all individuals to take a leap like he did, and give it a try.

CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition Certification




Coach Vaulta joined CrossFit in 2019. She needed something different and after seeing such positive results from CrossFit in her friends and family she decided to give it a shot. A regular gym class routine turned into a passion for her. She made CrossFit Petroglyph her home gym because you cannot find a better group of people to build you up and motivate you through hard workouts. She became a coach because she enjoys helping others on their fitness journeys and watching them develop into healthy, fast, and strong athletes. She will strive to help you make goals, crush them and repeat. 

CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1

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James served in the United States Marine Corps and searched for years to find an exercise regimen that worked for him.  But, after attending a two-week CrossFit intro class, he was hooked.  He found that CrossFit motivated him and tested him in new ways.  CrossFit is challenging mentally and physically; at the same, it's incredibly fun and extremely addictive.

It's the CrossFit community and friendships that James Loves the most.  As a coach, he values working with people who want to better themselves and is always inspired by people he works with.  He enjoys seeing the changes in people's health, wellness and fitness.

CrossFit Level 2

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Brian Farrell


Just like most of us at first, Coach Brian Farrell was skeptical about CrossFit. A good friend of his
challenged him for a good year to try a class. He finally did a drop-in at CF Petroglyph, and everything
else is history. The way he thought about fitness changed forever. His passion for the sport, love for
the community, and fire to become a better athlete and person just continue to grow. He understood
having good coaches was very important for the affiliate side. He earned his CF-L1 shortly after. He is a
firm believer in Learn One, Do One, and Teach One. He continues to strive to become a better athlete,
coach, and person. And he has zero plans on slowing down or stopping.
He grew up in Connecticut. He played competitive basketball, baseball, and soccer in high school. He
served his country in The United States Navy (2003-2011). He is currently employed as a Licensed
Physical Therapist Assistant since 2016. He started his CrossFit journey in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.
He earned his CF-L1 in 2021. He loves the culture that CF Petroglyph has built for the community. He
enjoys coaching all levels of fitness, from elite athletes down to day one beginner athletes, and of course
the everyday CrossFit athlete.
He offers Personal Training services outside of classes at CF Petroglyph. He is also proud to be a part of
The Mobility Room. He offers health and wellness services for our athletes that are looking for pain
relief and to improve function.

CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1,  L/PTA, NASM CPT, NASM CES, NASM PES, Rock Tape provider (kinesiology taping, myofascial cupping, and myofascial flossing), IASTM provider, BFRT provider, Bergener
Olympic Weightlifting, and multiple PT rehab certifications.

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Mark McHenry


Coach Mark McHenry is a U.S. Air Force retiree. He started CrossFit in April 2018 after being a regular in the local gyms and group fitness studios.  After doing a Spartan obstacle course race,  he realized that he needed something more that he wasn't getting from the other gyms.  He walked into CrossFit Petroglyph and has never looked back.  He enjoys the camaraderie and the friendships that CrossFit Petroglyph has provided.  

As a coach, Mark want everyone that walks through the door to feel welcomed and to know that CrossFit is truly a sport for everyone.. He enjoys helping others succeed and accomplish their goals in their health and fitness journeys! 


 CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1

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Jaelyn Winia

Coach/Licensed Massage Therapist

The foundation of my training and treatment sessions is the belief that movement is medicine. This all started in 2018 when I graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. When I returned home, I started my massage therapy career in a CrossFit Box in West Michigan It took about 8 months, but I was soon converted to the love of CrossFit. After being a college athlete, I finally found something that made me excited to challenge my body again. Training hard and Recovering Harder.  They say love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life... well I sure as heck love what I do. If you want to have a dance party during your class, I'm your coach. If you want to feel better and maybe gain some mobility, I'm your therapist. If you're looking for unique personal training, I'm your trainer. LFG


CrossFit Level 1, Licenced Massage Therapist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, RockTape Taping Certified, RockBlades Certified (IASTM), ACE Cupping Certified, Myofascial Decompression Certified (MFDc), Rad Roller Mobility 1, Orthopedic Massage Therapy Specialist (in progress)

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Brian Dolan


"Find a fitness program that challenges you, that you'll consistently show up for, and you'll see results." That's what I tell anyone looking to improve their health. It's how I found CrossFit. At first, it sounded intimidating and scary to me until my wife had begun trying it. I was curious, and found myself following her programming, performing the workouts at our gym at work. I quickly found that the workouts were fun (translated: I could see myself doing this everyday and enjoying it). That was it, I joined CrossFit Petroglyph in 2016 and soon discovered that not only was I going to be able to balance strength training with cardio, but that many of the movements were directly related to how we move outside of the gym, It all made perfect sense and I now believe this is the most functional way to exercise. The varied movements and workouts kept it exciting and the community is amazing.

Coaching allows me to share the passion, and knowledge I have gained over the years, and hopefully inspire all of the athletes that walk through the door.


 CrossFit Level 1

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Maddy Golden


Maddy began CrossFit in 2015 in her hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington to prepare for Air Force bootcamp. When the Air Force moved Maddy to Albuquerque in 2021, she decided to join CrossFit Petroglyph to get involved with the community, make friends, and get back into the sport. 


While deployed, Maddy completed her Level 1 CrossFit trainer and completed an 8 week Functional Movement Coach course with a follow on internship in Curacao. 


Maddy is all about efficiently and safely lifting heavy weights, building confidence, and gaining functional fitness skills for the 23 hours you spend outside of the box. 


She offers 1 on 1 personal training and is passionate about coaching beginners, adaptive athletes, and seasoned athletes.


 CrossFit Level 1

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