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Carved in Stone Challenge 2020

The time has come to improve those pesky lifestyle choices that keep you from being the best version of you that you can be. Whether your goals are getting outside of your comfort zone, performing better in the gym, being better at life, looking better naked, or that last inch to fit into your favorite jeans. Healthy habits can start now. Everyone is invited to join us whether you are a CrossFitter or **not. The time to see what you are made of has come.

If you are ready for a hard challenge and to be the best version of yourself possible sign up today!!

  • Learn how to 

    • Increase Energy​

    • Increase Sense of Well-being

    • Make Good Choices

    • Strip Away Fat

    • Pack on Muscle

    • Improve Performance


Starts January 11th, 2020

8 Weeks of Competing, Learning and Accountability

Registration: $250 for non-members | $125 for CrossFit Petroglyph Full Members

Prize is $250 cash money!

Your Coach

Tory Boucher

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Culinary Ninja

Balance Bites Master Class Graduate

In addition to being a trained nutrition coach, Tory has lived the healthy lifestyle and understands the struggles. Where as some nutrition coaches are former college or pro athletes that have never struggled with weight or health issues. Tory understands its not always about abs; its about creating long term health and happiness into your 90's.

Coach Tory has always believed in the power of food and its affect on health. When she was a teenager, she eliminated painful migraine headaches through nutrition. In 2015 Coach Tory was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Your thyroid controls your metabolism and your ability to burn fat and maintain body weight. Following the removal of her thyroid, Tory has to be pretty much perfect with her nutrition to maintain her weight and athletic performance. So, if Tory can do it so can you!


In addition to following her own advise, Tory has dedicated many years of study to coaching nutrition as well. She has an ever growing set of tools to help transfer her knowledge and techniques to anyone. So, she is not simply dishing out "this worked for me so you do it too." She has lots of strategies and continues to work to help everyone find their path to health. 

READ MORE about Tory's amazing story in The CrossFit Journal.

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